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It can turn even the strongest, most secure individuals into the weakest and most vulnerable. ”It can't be great one day and up in the air the next.When your relationship goes from point A to point E with no explanation, it causes self-doubt and apprehensiveness. If you don't have confidence in your relationship, it's easy to confuse those normal hiccups we all go through for something much more serious.We’ve all witnessed this situation at some point before, either personally or from afar.Yet, even though we tell others to get out, it’s not so easy to take the same advice when your own emotions are personally invested.If you don't see a future with this person, waiting around just delays the inevitable and makes it harder for you when your heart finally does decide to concede and resign. It’s obvious because even in our misery, we still find happiness when we are with this person.In the end, though, you’ll always want more than you are given, and the happiness will never be absent from the sadness that lies behind it.

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If you are one of those people stuck in limbo land, here are nine more reasons you should consider moving out.

If you think time is the exclusive game changer to pull you out of limbo land, think again.

Time is usually a useful tool in building healthy relationships, but if you haven’t even established one after months of "dating," then you have to ask yourself if you ever will. Maybe the harsh realty is he just wasn’t that into you, and that hurts.

Granted, I can't speak for every relationship out there.

In many circumstances, there is an array of reasons behind the premature status of your relationship.

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