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Click the link to watch this debate in High Definition... Y Unaware of the shame he will experience, Gerome Almodovar of Rationals and Darwinians of Nasugbu attempted to disgrace Bro.A month after, he again signed a memorandum stating that anyone who opposes their Church administration will be suspended and expelled.On January 2, 1976, Eliseo Soriano was then appointed by Levita Gugulan as one of their church’s Board of Directors. On February 21, 1976, he was expelled together with sixteen other members for inciting rebellion inside the church and teaching doctrines contrary to their beliefs.Soriano, aware of the possibility of being sued, registered the church name Bayan ng Katotohanan Incorporated (English Translation: City of Truth Incorporated) in December 1993 before Nieto’s group was able to file another complaint against him.Nieto subsequently filed a complaint against Soriano's group in 1994 but while the case was still in progress, Soriano reserved another name, the Iglesia ni YHWH at ni YHWSA HMSYH, Inc.He was sentenced to 21 years in prison, in a form of preventive detention that required a minimum of 10 years incarceration and the possibility of one or more extensions for as long as he is deemed a danger to society. Breivik announced that he did not recognize the legitimacy of the court and therefore did not accept its decision—he claims he "cannot" appeal because this would legitimize the authority of the Oslo District Court.In 2016, in a four-day civil trial Breivik sued Norwegian Correctional Service, over his solitary confinement and the general conditions of imprisonment.

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Gugulan’s church then filed a lawsuit against Soriano on July 16, 1979 for using a similar church name.(English Translation: Church of YHWH and of YHWSA HMSYH, Inc.).In 1995, Soriano's group lost and was ordered to change its church name not similar or identical to a name already used by Nieto's Group.In another report by psychologists from Norway's centre for child and youth psychiatry (SSBU) concerns were raised about how his mother treated him: "She 'sexualised' the young Breivik, hit him, and frequently told him that she wished that he were dead." In the report Wenche Behring is described as "a woman with an extremely difficult upbringing, borderline personality structure and an all-encompassing if only partially visible depression" who "projects her primitive aggressive and sexual fantasies onto him [Breivik]".The psychologist who wrote the report was later forbidden from giving evidence in court by Behring, who herself was excused from testifying on health grounds.

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