Dating poems for one year anniversary

Origami Clock Your love and marriage can stand the test of time, and you can show your spouse you know it.Keep track of the best years of your life with this cool Origami clock. This personalized hammer makes a great first anniversary gift for a man, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t accept the fact that the fixer-upper in your house might be the woman.This list of first anniversary gifts has lots of the traditional paper represented, but we included some other elements to keep it interesting. This first anniversary gift brings the magic of Paris to your home.Paper Roses Giving roses is the traditional way to say I love you.This first anniversary gift combines that tradition with the whole paper thing: a red paper rose.This one comes in a little pot and has a Happy First Anniversary card included. ) anniversary gifts seem to be focused on the woman’s side of the equation.Personalized Framed Photos A picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture with a poem below it might get you a thousand kisses.This personalized, framed couple’s photo comes with a heartfelt love poem mounted tastefully below your favorite photo.

Put down your coffee unless you want to spray it all over the newspaper. If you two can laugh at this one, we think you’ll be celebrating many, many anniversaries to come.She may be expecting something paper, but we say be bold and daring: give her something slinky and satin. When your spouse is the one who keeps you sane, comforts you, counsels, you, holds you, makes you laugh, makes you feel safe and taken care of no matter what, then they’re your anchor.Keep the romance alive and let her know you’re still as passionate as the day you met. They’re your everything—this first anniversary, say it all with this print. This first anniversary gift is a handmade watercolor based on a picture of your house that you send in to the artist.Precious Moments Figurine From the hip and funky to the cute and conventional, this figurine pair from Special Moments is about as traditional as it gets.It’s perfect for the couple who had a fairy-tale wedding, dinner, and reception right out of a bridal magazine.

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