Dating site spiritual women dating less attractive men

It’s no secret that to some people, a belief in the Law of Attraction and a desire to explore subjects such as intuition, energy healing and reincarnation is strange at best, so how can lightworkers and spiritual seekers find people to date who share the same values?

A Web site, Spiritual, is attempting to be the answer.

We also take care to ensure that our membership rolls only feature the most highly-qualified, intelligent, successful individuals.

In fact, over 80 percent of our members are educated to Bachelor's Degree level or above.

One complaint among many metaphysically-minded singles who are searching for a soulmate is that it’s sometimes difficult to find people to date who are on the same page as far as spiritual beliefs are concerned.

Have you ever started dating someone only to have them back away when they discovered your alter?

You can specify your preferred faith, or look for more general spiritual qualities like tolerance or generosity.It’s not always easy to tell whether people will fit in with your life philosophy, but at Elite Singles we've come up with a simple way to search for the spiritual qualities that define us.Our membership database is full of successful singles, and offers an easy way to find someone whose ideas and beliefs correlate with your own.Or have you backed away because someone tried to drag you to their church and didn’t understand that your spiritual practices were already fulfilling to you?Maybe a love interest made fun of your attempts to lift your vibration?

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