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Meanwhile, as Jez made the most of his single status, his ex-girlfriend Stephanie was enjoying her last full month of pregnancy.

The ex-Hollyoaks star is set to give birth to a baby boy in a few weeks time – a baby Jeremy doubts the paternity of.

While the pier and fun-fair could be considered to appeal to children, they did not consider they were of particular appeal to children and believed that the pier, given its historic association with British beach holidays, could be considered of greater appeal to the older generation.

They considered the contemporary culture of the pier had a strong association with betting and gaming, video games and fruit machines, which they considered were of appeal to adults and not children.

Jack Green was the second most popular, pleasing 19 out of 24 women. Geordie Shore’s resident heartbreaker was successful despite his reputation, winning over 16 out of the 24 women.The biggest problem will be how I’ll squeeze 21 dates into my schedule, maybe I can get one of the reality TV lads to take some off my hands.” Foxy thought that Arg shouldn’t take the results too personally and that it could have been worse!He said, “Arg shouldn’t be too hard on himself, four potential dates is better than none!Lucien Laviscount followed closely behind, impressing 15 ladies and Charlie King from TOWIE wowed 13 women.Made in Chelsea star Sam Cussins did a little less than average, managing to make a good impression on 10 out of the 24 ladies.

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