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Two oversized hearing aids stuck from his ears, and Dave heard a high pitched squealing sound as the man fumbled with controls on each one. He smiled, showing startlingly white and even teeth, that had to be dentures. He flipped a couple of pages, until he found one that was only half filled in. Not that she was ugly, or anything, but there was a flavor of aggressiveness about her that promised that, if she got her hooks in a man, he would have a hell of a time getting her hooks OUT of him, should he ever desire to do so. "Something" turned out to be a can of Spam, two cans of vegetarian vegetable condensed soup, a bag of potato chips, and a dusty can of asparagus. He still remembered teaching her to use tampons, and seeing her adolescent pussy, having something inserted in it. " "In that case," said Denise, her voice heavy with emotion, "maybe you and I had better sleep together. When he did, his world would flip flop all over the place, and his blood pressure would go up thirty points. "We can't sleep with them." Dick's voice sounded shaky. " said Dave, feeling some grasp of sanity returning. "Thank you, Uncle Dave." "Thank you," said Cindy, wrapping her arms around Dick. "I never talked to her about anything like they were talking about, though. They had washed their uniforms out in the bathroom sink, and were looking for a place to hang them up to dry. Denise reached up to hang her jersey on the end of a curtain rod, and her bare butt was exposed. Dick looked at Dave, who was staring at Denise's butt. His eyes bugged out and he rolled onto his back, bringing one hand up to cover his eyes. Cindy giggled, and Denise turned a wrathful eye on her, only to find Cindy staring at her father. It was Cindy who brought some semblance of control back to the situation. Cindy's jumbled thoughts led her to fight back ... Cindy would NEVER flash her pussy at a man, much LESS her best friend's father! When she'd let her T shirt fall, it had caught on her round butt cheeks. Both men looked at each other's pants, which were still bulging. The only response came from Cindy, who, without turning her head, said: "Turn off the light, please." ======================================= Outside, the men walked aimlessly for a few minutes, before either one spoke. "She flashed you," said Dick, disbelief in his voice.

After a city tour of the chic metropolis of Calgary, continue to Banff and explore the dining scene with a wide choice of western saloons, English pubs and international restaurants.

Everyone in the car had heard the crunch and groan of metal impacting concrete, but he'd though it was just the frame. It had a white colored scrape on it, with wet oil streaking away from a tear that looked like a crack. Then he stuck a finger inside and wiped along the bottom. "I don't think that's actually open for business," said Dave. It was supposed to have been four hours over, play the game, and four hours back. Cindy took matters into her own hands by simply walking around the end of the desk and walking through a curtained door in the wall. The scene changed to a wide angle shot of a man, on top of a woman, fucking her like there was no tomorrow. "Well, I guess we know what Jimmy Joe likes to watch," giggled Cindy. By the time Dave and Dick had located what they thought was the general store, and were reaching for the door handle, their daughters were excitedly watching the pool boy stripping "the woman of the house" and sliding his impossibly large prick into her well-used pussy. " The sign was pulled aside, and two eyes looked out at them. We're staying at the motel down the street, and we don't have anything to eat. " "I believe it's called the Queen's Motor Court," said Dick, trying to be helpful." "Imagine that," said the woman. While she still had an hour glass figure, it was a well padded hour glass figure, and the sand was slipping into the bottom of the hour glass with increasing rapidity. The men got the idea she hadn't seen a strange man in years. The barbs had gotten around to the general subject of "bed warming" when Dick stopped. She often walked around in bra and panties, or just a T shirt and panties, and he often wore his boxers in the evening. " he said, as if Pops and his squealing hearing aids was trying to listen in. "We won't be picky." What leapt into Dave's mind was her comment "I have feelings for them both. Her hair smelled wonderful too, and he realized that he was erect too. It was pulled down tightly, and her modest breasts pushed her immodest nipples through the cloth so much that it looked like the cloth might tear from the strain. In their occasional excitement, the girls DID move, and those shirt tails moved too. He wanted to stand up and walk out the door, but he knew he couldn't do that. That little problem wasn't so little, as he began to come to grips with the fact that he wished, there for a few seconds, that he was where Dave had been, so he could see what Dave had seen. She was well aware that young girls aren't supposed to lust after their best friend's father, not to even speak of having similar thoughts for her OWN father. " said Cindy, straightening up, as if she'd just realized it. Lying on their backs wouldn't do, so each girl twisted to lie on one side.

Jimmy Joe waddled back to the group, ogling the girls again, and told them that Lester was pretty sure he could come up with a motor that would fit in the car. They asked him about a rental car again, but he said the only cars in town belonged to people who needed them. I 'spect she'd be a might off her feed if I brang home a bunch of strangers ... The rest of the team was on a school bus, but Dave and Dick wanted to go see their daughters play, and the girls had ridden with them, instead of on the bus. They could hear the sound of a television from back, behind the wall in back of the desk. Dave felt a stab of concern, and started after her. "All right," said the man, as if something important had been decided. The volume was loud enough that even the motel proprietor could have heard it, and the woman was making it very plain that she wanted it even harder and deeper. ==================================== Dave reached for the door handle, looking at the cardboard sign in the window of the door that said "OPEN" in faded, red, capital letters. Dave backed up, automatically, to let her see that he was doing so. All we need is some food." The door opened further, and the face came into view. "You boys just come right in and I'll take care of you." Her eyes went immediately to the third finger of their left hands. at least the last month or two." "That's the ONLY offer I've had in the last month or two," laughed Dick. When his wife, Trudy, had taken off, leaving him to raise their daughter, they had become survivors together, and grew close in that mind frame. "My little girl lets three boys play with her tits?! "They might wonder where we are and come looking for us. No one was watching them, thankfully, and when they moved, both attempted to do something to warn the girls they were coming. "We're lucky to have gotten out of there with our pants on! It had been a long time for both men, and they were basically helpless. " blurted Dave, ducking his head to get out of his daughter's grasp. about us, I mean." "How the hell are we going to do that? "Are we just supposed to say ' Hey, darlings, we sort of heard you lusting after us, and that's not a great idea, so stop thinking about it! Dick's button down shirt had tails on it, which hung low on Denise's front and back, but rode up high on her hips. They had switched to thinking of things other than animals, when an argument started. That thought was unsettling enough, all by itself, to render him immobile. When that same adult displayed obvious lust for HER, breaking all the rules that applied to HIM ... Cindy's reaction was fairly typical of a young person too. More than that, though, her friend was embarrassing and tormenting the man Cindy loved most in the world. " She jumped up off the bed and stood in front of her friend's father, who was sitting, shell-shocked, in the chair. "I can't believe I did that either." "Well you did! "Your dad did," said Denise, remembering the lump in the front of Uncle Dave's pants. Then they had to adjust pillows, which involved their arms lifting up to their heads, which pulled the shirts up, exposing creamy, smooth buttocks.

Stranded Daddies By Beating Off Bob Dave Thompson turned the radio up a little as "You're Addicted To Love" came on the station they were listening to. I don't allow no funny business in my place." Both men looked shocked, and both girls giggled. Dick, who was in need of bladder relief, discovered that the bathroom held a claw-footed tub, and a toilet that had a huge, round, silver handle on the front of the tank. Or ' I'm thinking of an animal', or something like that." Denise cocked her head. ================================== Once it was decided, the girls plopped down on their bed. "So all we have to do is go back in there, get a good night's sleep, get the car fixed, and go on home, and everything will be back like it used to be!

What on earth could they do to fight off the boredom and keep themselves busy? Only the microwave, on the counter by the sink, still had any shininess to it, but the light inside didn't come on when Cindy pushed the button that opened the door. It beats just sitting around looking at the walls." Dave held a half hysterical laugh in by pure force of will, as he thought about how the last thing he'd be looking at in this room was the walls. He knew that his daughter was sans-panties too, based on what Denise had said. "My butt is showing again," said Cindy, punching her pillow. They turned to see a woman come through an open doorway.

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