Stephanie mcintosh dating

While I liked all of the tales offered here, I didn’t feel any were really spectacular and I found myself wishing I’d had the opportunity to read more about the founders of the dating agency than the couples they were matching instead.I’ll certainly read this one again but I’m looking forward to seeing if the series will continue and maybe, just maybe I’ll get that story I really want!The ending really showed the care between the two and the story left off on a really good note.Gage and Hamish: 4*I agreed with the assumption that these two couldn’t possibly work as a pairing but was very pleasantly surprised.

Matchmakers Stone and Harve vow to find a mate for even the toughest to match shifter or vampire.Aiden, the city wolf in this couple, ha What a playful and sexy book!It introduces us to the matchmakers at Full Moon Dating, who are memorable characters of their own merit.Gage is totally a pushy, bratty bottom and it was great seeing him taken in hand by Hamish.Seriously, even I wasn’t sure it would work out as well as it did.

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